TAPICC stands for Translation API Class and Cases. GALA, TAUS and LT-Innovate have launched a joint project. Back in 2002 the .xliff format was created by OASIS, it aimed at standardizing the data exchange between CMS and TMS. Unfortunately, since then each CMS/TMS editors have customized the format and the localization workflow is not as smooth as it should. This is not good for anyone: neither translators nor clients!
That is why the TAPICC initiative is seeking a universal standard. The TAPICC goals could be sumarized as follows:

  • Creating a NEW Web-friendly xliff
  • Defining a standard format for each project (compatible with all the tools)
  • Developping a universal API (based on the COTI initiative adopted by the DERCOM)

Let's hope it will be a success!

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Last updated: 22 Oct 2017 21:10, by: Iulianna van der Lek