How to use the Trans Tech Wiki

The main content of the wiki is found under the Topics tab in the navigation bar at top. There you will find a listing of all the topics users have created. Click on the link of any of these and you will be taken into the Topic. On the topic page you will find a number of Sub-Topics that discuss specific aspects of the topic.

To access one of these Sub-Topics click on the hyperlinked header. You will now be in the main Sub-Topic page. Here you can comment on the subtopic by clicking on the "Show Comments" button and viewing all previous comments and entering your own. You also can rate the subtopic by clicking on the star icons.

From the Topic page you can also add an additional Sub-Topic by using the "Add New Sub-Topic" button on the right side of the page. Just enter a title for your subtopic and click add. This will open a text editor window to enter text describing your new Sub-Topic. Save, and at the bottom you will need to add tags to the entry so it will be indexed properly. Most importantly add the name of the Topic you want this subtopic associated with, otherwise it will not be linked. Please note that that tags are one word or compound words, so, for example, to tag something as a "translation management system" you will have to enter as "translation-management-system" or simply as "tms". You should then be able to see your subtopic under the main Topic entry (if it does not appear let the moderators know and they will fix).

To create an entirely new main Topic, on the Topics list page you will see an Add Topic box. Enter your Topic name and add. Moderators will review and approve and then you will see it included in the main list.