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You can add new Topics and contribute Sub-topics to existing Topics and contribute comments. We have used templates to make this easier. To add a Topic use the Add Topic button on the Topics List page and give a name to your topic. The moderators will then review and approve if it doesn't overlap an existing Topic. You can also add Sub-topics on a specific Topic page exploring a specific issue. Just make sure to tag the Sub-topic with the name of the Topic so they are linked. Note that tags have to be one word, so hyphenate compound terms. Each Sub-topic has its own dedicated page (access by clicking on the Sub-topic title) where you can use the Comments feature to add a comment.


Mission Statement

The purpose of this site is to provide a open space where all members of the translation, interpreting and terminology communities can suggest and debate new ideas on how their technology is going to develop, which tool makers can then use as inspiration for future development.